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Welcome to the GSpeech docs!
Find all the information you need to use GSpeech effectively.

GSpeech is a AI voice generator platform with realistic text to speech. You can auto-convert content into natural audio, and embed via our players.

Audio powered by GSpeech serves thousands of impressions globally every day.
By adding options to listen to your content you can significantly improve audience engagement and retention.

GSpeech uses cloud based approach, which does not slow down your website! Audio files are being generated only once, on first page load, then they are stroed on our clouds and can be played unlimited times. Prices in commercial plans include both text-to-speech and cloud services. Characters are being counted only once.
GSpeech structure:
  • On GSpeech, content is organized around Websites. First you need to Create an account (it is free an takes a minute). Each account can have up to ten websites. Each of them has its settings and analytics.
  • The next step is to Create a website. There you specify the url of your website, and the native language. That will load the list of available voices for that language.
  • You can Connect any website to GSpeech by adding just a single line of code into your website html.
    We've also built plugins for WordPress and Joomla.
    For WordPress we have integrated the main part of dashboard directly into your WP Admin panel!

If there's anything we've missed, don't hesitate to Contact Us. We usually respond within an hour.